Texas Hold’em Strategy – Follow up Betting in Texas Hold’em – What Is it And Why do You Need to Do I


This guide will focus on Texas Hold’em Strategy, specifically follow up betting.

Which means that your at a championship and you are dealt Ace Queen.

You’re near overdue position and you decide to throw in a raise. You make it 4 times the massive blind, which is 400 chips.

One person calls you.

Let us say the flop comes 229

Now. You might be FIRST to behave.

What do you really do?? If you assess Gclub and hope your opponent checks for a free card?

NO! You’ve got to bet! To begin with, unless he’s got a pocket pair you have him overcome at this point from the pot.

I suggest that you bet half the pot, which may amount to around 450 processors.

This indicates to a competitor which you’re STRONG and also he can’t take this bud from you personally.

Weakness in Hold’em is maybe not just a good trait showing. Any weakness in betting or simply checking is how your competitor will rake pots off from you.

Let say you bet half of the pot and you’re re-raised. What do you need to do in this time? It depends upon a number of factors such as:

Just how your competitor has been playing

The dimensions of your chip stack

What stage of the championship you are in

The size of your competitors chip stack

The number of outs you have

There are many elements in championship Hold’em that you have to become factoring before you make a decision.

Texas HoldCeltics takes only a couple moments to know, but a life time to master.

Until the next time, excellent luck at the tables!!